Swimming Lessons at Teignbridge Leisure are available at both Newton Abbot Leisure Centre and Dawlish Leisure Centre.

We cater for anyone learning to swim, from babies (and their parents), to children and adults.

Teignbridge Leisure follows the Amateur Swimming Association Learn to Swim Programme, using qualified teachers to provide important life skills to stay safe in the water. For more information please visit the Swim England Learn to Swim.

Both swim schools run as one; expanding your opportunities to learn this important gift for life. We operate using continuous assessments to ensure that swimmers progress through the scheme at their own pace.

A Jam Packed Membership offers the best value for money with swimming lessons and other activities included, or you can pay as you go.

Please note that direct debit members will need to log in online and confirm to be rolled onto the new term.

  • Payments must be made by the stated date online otherwise it will be assumed you no longer wish to retain the place on the swimming lesson course

  • Please bring your child's movement slips to reception for us to review the next stage options available

Next Re-enrolment
(Payments must be made online during the specified enrolment dates):

Monday 25 March - Sunday 7 April

New term dates:

Tuesday 23 April - Saturday 27 July 2019

Monday sessions: 11 weeks

Junior Lessons: £51.70* / £63.80

Parent and Tot: £59.40

Tuesday - Saturday: 14 weeks

Adult Lessons: £70.00* / £86.80

Junior Lessons: £65.80* / £81.20

Parent and Tot: £75.60

Enrolment must be completed online. There are two ways to complete online during the enrolment dates: 

  1. An email will be sent to you, click the link and complete each step. 
  2. Log into your online account, click 'My Groups' on the left hand side and complete each step. 

Save time and do it online! 

Unsure on how to register, log in or enrol online. Please speak with a member of the team who will demonstrate for you. Whilst you're there, don't forget to register for Parent Portal - track your child's progress, all their swimming dates and so much more. 

Swim Stages

If you are interested in any of the following classes you can book a free assessment for your child by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

We operate a mix of single and double stage classes, depending on participants confidence. Double stage classes can be an advantage as teacher continuity is maintained.


Parent and Child Class for children aged 12 months to 3 years old with a parent or carer. 

An Interactive water play class developing your child’s water confidence with use of toys and water aids. You may have to join in with the odd nursery rhyme!

(No pressure to submerge child)


Unaccompanied Children up to 4 years in Learner Pool

Developing skills such as making a safe entry, blowing bubbles ,floating on their backs, rotating and jumping all with support of the teacher.

Up to 6 years old in Learner Pool

Progressing from Frogs to be able to attain skills without support under the supervision of the Teacher

Progressing to the Main Pool

Children are encouraged to be able to use skills learnt in earlier stages in a more consistent fashion, with emphasis on starting to establish recognised leg actions, be able to confidently perform tuck floats and rotations.

Having a level of water confidence as demonstrated in previous stages is a prerequisite .Participants must be able to submerge with confidence before starting in main pool

Skills learnt in stage 2 are now performed to a higher standard ,participants are taught to swim on front and back and perform simple rotations  and rolls ,perform streamline push offs from under the water.

All four leg actions are now established in this stage ,participants will also learn sculling drills and be progressed to swimming 10m of a stroke of their choice.

Improving push and glide ability into recognised (Swim England standards)  Full strokes are taught in stage 5, along with treading water  and more advanced sculling.

Preparing for exercise is discussed, clothed swims, rhythmical breathing patterns as well as basic diving skills are included.

Skills learnt in stage 5 and 6 are now honed to be able to maintain over longer distances in all four strokes.

This stage introduces a competitive slant and is an ideal course for those either in or looking to become involved in competitive Swimming,with a focus on Starts from a starting block and a recognised turning action for each stroke.

Also the ability to maintain form over a distance of 400m.

Crash Courses

Give your child a skill for life!

Crash course swimming lessons are held each April and August during the longer school holiday periods.

Our intensive 5 day courses will boost children’s swimming skills, increase their confidence and help to keep them safe in the water!

Easter Holidays

Monday 8 April - Friday 12 April (5 days) 

Monday 15 April - Thursday 18 April (4 days)

16.00 - 16.30 and 16.30 - 17.00

Free to Jam Packed Junior Members or you can pay per course.  Book NOW to avoid disappointment.

Non member cost: 

5 Day course: £29.00 / £23.20*

4 Day course: £23.20 / £18.80*

For more information or to book your place on the course please contact us:

Newton Abbot Leisure Centre

01626 215 660

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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Dawlish Leisure Centre 
01626 215 637

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