FloatFit Class

We have partnered up with Aquaphysical to deliver a 12 week pilot programme for free. 

We are looking for 20 inactive people to take part in our 12 week pilot programme. 

The programme will give 20 people access to:

  • 1 FloatFit Class a week

  • Unlimited Swimming

  • All water-based exercise classes

  • Before, during and after body analysers

You must complete the 12 week programme and take part in all FloatFit Classes. 

If you are interested, please contact Dawlish Leisure Centre on: 01626 215637

Expressions of interest must be submitted by Monday 11 February 2019. 

12 week pilot programme will commence Monday 18 February. 

Please note: 20 people will be contacted after Monday 11 February

Increase your results

with FloatFit 30 minute classes - all on the water! 

Classes for members - coming soon!